About me

I can’t live without them… SS501!

Officially a Triple S on 1st July 2009
Officially opened this blog on 1st September 2009

  • I am YingHui (영혜) – but often use my nickname as Rainaftershine on cyworld.
  • Fall in with SS501 after watching Hyun Joong in Boys Over Flowers.
  • Decided to delicate my to them by starting a blog.
  • I don’t read Hangul neither do i know how to speak or write Korean. (Am self-learning)
  • I normally translate news from Chinese into English but please pardon me for my poor English and try to correct me if possible.
  • I HyunMin. But, i them 5 forever as 1.
  • I KPOP too!
  • Please repost the posts you are taking out from here with FULL CREDITS ONLY. Tyvm. (:
  • I usually don’t post much of gif & screencaps cause it requires lots of energy and time. (Sorry~) But i will try to post when i see HQ set and funny ones.
  • Do not hotlink my photo. Please repost if needed.
  • Do not re-edit photo especially those fan photos taken by the Korean TS. If not they will not share it with us anymore. Tyvm for your co-operation.
  • If you are gonna repost anything, please refrain from taking out my comment. D;


7 Responses to “About me”
  1. lynnle says:

    where can i buy the ticket to SS501 concert? I live in U.S.

    • rainaftershine501 says:

      Uh, they are not holding any concerts currently. They will have their comeback stage on 4th June 2010 on Music Bank. Maybe you can support them by watching it on TV? ^^

  2. wishchun says:

    Thanks for making the effort to update news of SS501. Fighting!!!^^

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